Beijing Jetsen Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jetsen",) was established in August 23, 2006, and changed to a public company on February 22, 2011, listed in China's A-shares GEM (Stock code 300182).

Now, Jetsen has 25 fully-owned, 8 stock controlling , and 10 shareholding subsidaries, with registered capital of RMB 2.562 billion.

The strategy of Jetsen is to be a giant with innovative digital culture in media content and technologies.

Under this direction, Jetsen created rapidly their eco-system in the media chain:

from technologies: audio and video technical solution and IT/network based software development, to content production, copyright trading, and full-value chain service and operation. Their customers cross all kind of operators: TV station, Cable operator, Video Website, Teleco companies and different institutions.

On December 31, 2015, the total assets was RMB 6.021 billion; net assets was RMB 4.298 billion. The annual revenue was up to RMB2.21 billion with net profit of RMB 5.33 billion.

For2016, the revenue is expected to attain to more than RMB 4 billion and net profit should be more than RMB 900 million.

In the past three years, the compound annual growth rate of net profit is up to 54.73% .

In technology part, the product portfolio covers the most extensive audio and video technical solutions which are widely used in broadcasters, press and publishing hours, new media and other related fields.

Jetsen innovative technical team and their products take the leading position in the market for HD, 4K production, playout , MAM (media asset management) , network security, smart monitoring and all-media processing center systems.

In addition, Jetsen reinforces their R&D investment to work on the cloud platform and VR/AR technologies, closely following the national merged media strategy. the new developed All-media Merged Cloud Services Platform, which is already used in China Central TV station, will provide a huge opportunities to support a new round of technological transformation of media.

In content part, Jetsen created a new Cultural Group for the film and TV content business. The Jetsen Cultural Group owns nine subsidiaries. The business scope covers the entire media chain, including creative investment of film and television production, TV show, digital content distribution, media services, advertising, etc.

In program planning, production, distribution and operation, the Cultural Group has high qualified professional teams. .

In content business chain, the Cultural Group works on from upstream to downstream:

-Massive digital content contribution

-Media distribution channel

-Interactive exchange platform

-Service Eco-system


The Cultural Group maintains a long-term strategic cooperation with top customers:

-From CCTV to provincial TV stations

-video websites: including Sohu, Tencent, Youku, Tudou and IQiyi…

-Operators: including China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom…

-Manufactures: like Huawei, Whale, etc.

Based on huge content copyright and big date analyze ability, Jetsen developed their digital distribution platform and started to trail the distribution business to terminals: via Internet, Wireless, IPTV, OTT…. That will bring high potential revenue in the future for Jetsen.

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